6. csully:

    IInktober drawing, boy do I have some catching up to do! I couldn’t decide what to draw and the husband said “Draw your favorite Pokemon!” so I went with my homeboy Gyarados. Think I might spend more time on this guy and take him to finish. Brings back some nice memories of me kicking some gym leader butt with this baller.

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    What’s the password

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  9. The Walking Dead’s opening actor credits for season 5 (*by request)

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  10. blood-and-vitriol:

    "And then this largemouth bass just comes out of nowhere and tries to swallow me whole. I mean I did what anyone would do — I reached out with my claws in a defensive posture, then forcefully pumped my tail until I was shooting backwards into the muck."

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  11. Benedict Cumberbatch for Elle UK - December/2014 (x)

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  12. samuelbradley:

    Recently I photographed Benedict Cumberbatch for the cover of OUT magazine

    Such a pleasure to spend the day with this man.

    Stay tuned for more photos from the shoot.

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  13. ofarya:

    They're never going to stop.
    Well  n e i t h e r  are we    

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  14. mindxpalace:

    [2] Favourite Episode: The Great Game

    The only mystery is this: why is my brother determined to bore me when someone else is being so delightfully interesting.

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  15. shootbadcabbies:

    what if he just turned up to a crime scene like this one day

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